Sure, there are plenty of Coffe clubs out there.  Sending the best coffee from around the world delivered to your door each month.. The sizes range from twelve ounces to three pounds, That’s a lot of coffee. What if you don’t use all that coffee? Better yet what if you do not like the coffee which is sent?


Fear no more, our little bean heads! Welcome to De Palma’s Perfect Pot. We are a little different in our approach Each month we send you four pots of the world’s most exquisite coffee, spanning the Big Blue Ball! You get the opportunity to sample four full pots of coffee each month. Some you may love, others not so much. You make the choice. We also give you the opportunity to purchase the coffee you love and want to consume more of.


Gourmet coffee is our passion and we demand perfection with every batch we roast and every cup we make. We only use coffee beans sourced from the finest farms and farmers around the world. We hand roast every batch with attention to every detail. Everything we do is focused on providing the best gourmet coffee so you can enjoy that perfect pot every day.

De Palma's Perfect Pot

Price Options
Perfect Pot - Coffee
De Palma's Perfect Pot
$23.00every month until canceled