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When crabs fatten up to make it through the process of molting, rendering soft shell crabs intensely flavorful. Soft crab lovers will appreciate that ours are cleaned,  and ready for the frying pan. Soft crabs are easy to prepare and a true gourmet seafood delicacy.


Softshell crabs are at a growth stage when the crab sheds its outer shell and must be removed from the water within a few hours of shedding before the tender skin hardens into another larger shell. Softshell crabs are sold whole. They’re in season from April to mid-September and vary in size from 4-6 inches.


To clean a soft shell crab, cut away the eyes and mouth with a sharp knife or scissors. Fold back one side of the top shell to expose the pale orange gills. Pull away and discard the gills from both sides of the crab. Turn the crab over and fold back the tail flap. Pull it away from the body and discard.

Chesapeake Soft Shell Crabs

1 Pound
Excluding Sales Tax
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